Dr. Denardis gives insights at the Atlantic Council’s DC Workshop on a Transatlantic Digital Agenda, July 21, 2015

This morning, Dr. Denardis participated in the Atlantic Council’s DC Workshop on the Transatlantic Digital Agenda. The Atlantic Council promotes engagement and research in international relations. The Council has an important function in reviewing and remedying globally significant economic and political issues. It serves as a task force comprised of international thought leaders who help to navigate economic and political challenges of the modern world. The task force informs and shapes international community by recommending strategies on how to create a safer, wealthier and more peaceful environment. It has developed many programs and initiatives in order for international communities to understand many modern global issues.

The Council recognizes that both Europe and the United States will benefit in many ways once a single transatlantic digital market is established. While the European Commission works out the final details of the Digital Single Market, the Atlantic Council explores challenges and opportunities coming from creating a transatlantic digital marketplace. The Workshop’s agenda includes topics like

  • EU Digital Single Market Strategy (and exploration of its impact on the transatlantic and global digital economy),
  • A Transatlantic Digital Marketplace: What is the “Vision”? (discussing main goals of the transatlantic market and what the potential prospects and pitfalls could be; also US Government perspective, EU Perspective and Corporate  and Stakeholder Perspective are discussed),
  • The Rules of the Digital Game (the panelists explore most significant issues connected to trade and copyright laws, data protection, security and whether these shall be compatible in Europe and the US; what the role of the digital consumer is and whether a digital consumer would drive the industry),
  • The Global Playing Field (devoted to brainstorming the cooperation between the EU and US and how to build global standards, governance, access, security, innovation and freedom online).