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"Interlocking or Interfering? Internet Governance of Things and the Global Intellectual Property Regime" Roundtable by Dr. Andrew Rens - April 16, 2018; Hosted at American University as part of the Internet Governance Lab's Roundtable Series

"Governing the Internet of Things" Symposium - March 30, 2018
Hosted at American University by the Internet Governance Lab and the Internet Society Washington, D.C. Chapter
Recap Summary: Governing the Internet of Things Symposium

"Emerging Issues in the Internet of Things" Lecture by Dr. Andrew Rens - October 23, 2017
Hosted by the Centre for Internet & Society in Bengaluru, India and co-sponsored by the Internet Governance Lab

Student Dissertation Research

All things IoT, wearables; IOT governance- Andrew could provide a description of this and we could link to the event and my paper etc. Maybe see if professor Lee’s paper is out. Kathryn Montgomery‘s work on wearables and youth social media policy.