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Roundtable: "Conceptualizing Disinformation and Developing Counter-Strategies"

  • American University, McKinley Building Room 305 4400 Massachusetts Avenue Northwest Washington, DC, 20016 United States (map)

The AU Internet Governance Lab is hosting the second session of its Roundtable Series for the Fall 2018 semester, entitled "Conceptualizing Disinformation and Developing Counter-Strategies" by Faculty Fellow Dr. Eric Novotny, Hurst Sr Professorial Lecturer at the AU School of International Service (SIS) and Doctoral Researcher Randolph Rosin, also a faculty member of the National Intelligence University, on Monday, October 15 from 10:00am - 11:30am in McKinley Building Room 305.

The phenomenon of disinformation has gained significant attention with respect to its impact on the public sphere and its potential effects on the political, economic, and social sectors of Western liberal democracies. While the notion of disinformation has been broadly applied to deliberately misleading information disseminated by political partisans, public relations entities, and various interest groups, the focus of this roundtable discussion involves its use as a tool of political warfare by illiberal nation states. Inhibiting the development of appropriate policy counter-measures is a deficiency in accurately conceptualizing the problem and the lack of a common lexicon. Properly conceptualizing this problem and adopting a standard “terms of reference” are the points of departure towards the design of effective counter-strategies.