Program Coordinator

D15_479_Monika_Ingram nfs Monika_Ingram, SOC/IRW, staffMonika Ingram joined Prof. DeNardis at American University’s School of Communication in March 2015. As the Program Coordinator, Monika facilitates communication with faculty, research assistants and publishers, and also coordinates Prof. DeNardis’ speaking engagements. Monika oversees social media outreach and the Internet governance program’s website. She also manages special events for the program such as hosting speakers on related topics, seminars and conferences. In addition, Monika helps Prof. DeNardis with her deanship-related duties.

Monika received her MSc in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, and her BA in Media and Film from the City University of New York, Hunter College. She is also a certified English as a Second Language teacher (degree received from the University of Szczecin in Poland).