The European Consortium for Political Reasearch 2015 General Conference, August 26 – 29, 2015

Panelists (left to right): Nanette Levinson, Sarah Myers, Jeanette Hofman, Meryem Marzouki, Samantha Bradshaw and Laura DeNardis.
Panelists (left to right): Nanette Levinson, Sarah Myers, Jeanette Hofman, Meryem Marzouki, Samantha Bradshaw and Laura DeNardis.

The European Consortium for Political Research 2015 General Conference took place in Montreal between 26th and 29th of August. Over the last weekend, Dr. DeNardis (American University School of Communication) and Dr. Levinson (American University School of International Service) participated in the Global Internet Governance Trajectory: Actors and States of Play panel. Dr. Levinson co-chaired the panel alongside Meryem Marzouki of Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique and presented her paper IOs and the Technical Communities in The Internet Governance Institutional Complex: Strategies and Perspectives (co-authored by Meryem Marzouki). Dr. DeNardis presented her paper co-authored with Samantha Bradshaw (Centre for International Governance Innovation) The Politicisation of the Internet’s Domain Name System – Implications for  Internet Security, Universality and FreedomRead More »


Press Release: Professor Showcases Disability and Global Governance Research at UN

IDPP_Cogburn_UN_300x200by Maya Aguilar (via

Professor Derrick Cogburn, executive director of American University’s Institute on Disability and Public Policy (IDPP) at the School of International Service, unveiled key preliminary findings of the IDPP study, Accessible Global Governance: The Invisibility of Persons with
, during his keynote presentation at one of the world’s largest international disability community gatherings—the annual Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) at UN headquarters in New York City.

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Events: The Internet Governance Lab hosts foreign press at American University

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On June 18th, Prof. DeNardis and Prof. Cogburn hosted a group of eight international reporters at the American University’s School of International Service.The group included eight reporters from Mexico and Cuba, South America (Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay), Africa (Burkina Faso and Nigeria) and India. The reporters were part of the Department of State tour designed to give perspective on how governments, stakeholders and individuals can help to develop a healthy digital ecosystem.

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American University profiles Dr. DeNardis

State Department 2014 PhotoAs the Internet Governance Lab is taking its shape, Dr. DeNardis has received a front-page profile on American University’s web site. Dr. DeNardis is being profiled as her work and research on Internet policy and accessibility fall under AU Project 2030. The issues around the topic of Internet governance, or of what happens behind the curtain of our computer screens, are directly linked to human rights and privacy. Read More »

Congratulations, Dr. Milosevic


Tijana Milosevic has just successfully defended her dissertation, “Cyberbullying Policies of Social Media Companies: Towards Digital Dignity.” Tijana is the fourth student from the PhD program in Communication to earn the degree.

Tijana entered the program in the Fall 2012 after earning a Master’s Degree in Media and Public Affairs from George Washington University. She completed her doctoral degree in under three years. Her dissertation analyzes the role of social media platforms in preventing bullying and the relative effectiveness of mechanisms that are used.Read More »