Freedom House to Host Freedom on the Net Conference, Wednesday 28 October 2015

Freedom HouseThe Freedom on the Net 2015 Conference will be held at Google DC on Wednesday, 28 October 2015 at 9:00am. This event will discuss the annual assessment of internet accessibility, censorship, and rights in 65 countries, which Dr. Derrick Cogburn helped to develop for Freedom House. This year’s event will also emphasize opportunities and challenges to internet freedom, including threats to U.S. foreign policy and emerging threats to digital media.

The conference will feature prominent speakers who represent various concentrations and countries, including The Honorable Brian Schatz (D-HI), United States Senate; Ross LaJeunesse, Global Head of Free Expression International & International Relations, Google; Daniel Calingaert, Executive Vice President, Freedom House; and Chinmayi Arun, Research Director, Center for Communication Governance, National Law University, Dehli.

Freedom House “works to defend human rights and promote democratic change, with a focus on political rights and civil liberties.”

For more information and registration, visit:

Virtual participation also available and encouraged. Google DC is located at 25 Massachusetts Ave., NW, 
Suite 900, Washington, DC.


The Inaugural Vinton Gray Cerf Internet Program at the Cosmos Club, DC – October 3, 2015

IMG_0510Dr. Laura DeNardis and Vinton Cerf, vice president and the Chief Internet Evangelist for Google, participated in an interesting panel at the Washington, DC, Cosmos Club. The panel, titled Understanding the Technology of the Internet – What is Internet? drew full house and stimulated a strong Q&A session. While Vint Cerf laid out the basic technology of the internet, i.e. packet switching, layering, TCP/IP, real-time (UDP), the World Wide Web, discussed cloud computing and provided a short chronology of the Internet’s development, Laura DeNardis explained social and economic impacts of the technology of the Internet, its domestic and foreign developments and trends, and both hazards and benefits to industry and the general public.


Dispatch from the Internet Governance Forum – Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015

ThisIGF year’s Internet Governance Forum started with a keynote by Larry Strickling, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA). Discussing the transition of oversight over critical domain name functions from NTIA to the global Internet community, Strickling emphasized the importance of multistakeholder involvement as “the best way to set the future direction of the Internet.” In the following keynote conversation, Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker discussed issues ranging from IPv6 adoption to the expansion of the top-level domain name system and the role of mobile for the expansion of the Internet. Cerf and Crocker also addressed concerns over global challenges to free expression, open innovation and the stability of Internet infrastructure. Despite these ongoing challenges, Cerf expressed optimism that “freedom of expression and openness will prevail” on the Internet.

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