September 2015 GCIG Bangalore Meeting


As the director of research for the Global Commission on Internet Governance, Dr. Laura DeNardis is in Bangalore, India, this week. The meetings held over three days focus on creating agenda for how to best explain sustainable cyberspace and the fact that it directly impacts economic growth in every nation.  The Global Commission on Internet Governance will work to assemble a multi stakeholder narrative that describes the importance of the Internet, the underlying technologies and how it enables our way of life. The invitation-only event is attended by other commissioners: Carl Bildt, Gordon Smith, Fen Osler Hampson, Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, Michael Chertoff, Dame Wendy Hall, and Tobby Simon.


Dispatch from the Internet Governance Forum – Washington, D.C., July 16, 2015

ThisIGF year’s Internet Governance Forum started with a keynote by Larry Strickling, Assistant Secretary of the U.S. National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA). Discussing the transition of oversight over critical domain name functions from NTIA to the global Internet community, Strickling emphasized the importance of multistakeholder involvement as “the best way to set the future direction of the Internet.” In the following keynote conversation, Internet pioneers Vint Cerf and Steve Crocker discussed issues ranging from IPv6 adoption to the expansion of the top-level domain name system and the role of mobile for the expansion of the Internet. Cerf and Crocker also addressed concerns over global challenges to free expression, open innovation and the stability of Internet infrastructure. Despite these ongoing challenges, Cerf expressed optimism that “freedom of expression and openness will prevail” on the Internet.

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New Paper: Multistakeholderism: anatomy of an inchoate global institution

iStock_000027835386_FullMultistakeholderism: anatomy of an inchoate global institution is the new, open-source paper on Internet governance and International Relations by Mark Raymond and Laura DeNardis.

Abstract (from International Theory):

Building on John Ruggie’s pioneering study of multilateralism, this paper presents an analogous study of multistakeholder governance, or multistakeholderism.

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