Objectives of the Internet Governance Lab

  1. Provide thought leadership in Internet governance that sets the global agenda for tangibly addressing the most pressing Internet policy questions of the modern era.
  2. Produce original, evidence-based research on Internet architecture and governance that is policy-engaged, globally focused, and accessible.
  3. Translate technologically complex policy issues for the policy makers, the press and the general public by serving as an intellectual bridge and media liaison for the press and explaining the public interest implications of contemporary Internet governance debates.
  4. Develop new methodological tools and datasets for analyzing and contributing to innovative Internet governance approaches.
  5. Train the next generation of Internet governance leaders who will enter the policy world, private industry, think tanks, and higher education with unparalleled expertise and knowledge in Internet policy.
  6. Directly influence Internet policymaking practices of transnational corporations, new global institutions, and traditional governance structures.
  7. Break silos between stakeholders by actively engaging in and building a network of experts and diverse stakeholders in Internet governance.
  8. Convene Washington, DC events that address pressing problems by bringing together leaders from industry, academia, think tanks, and government.
  9. Engage in curriculum innovation that helps theorize the field of Internet governance, creates globally reproducible modules, and advances innovative methodological approaches that account for both technological complexity and the public interest.