Dr. Laura DeNardis Discusses Internet Governance on NPR Marketplace

Image Credit:  Marketplace

Image Credit: Marketplace

Internet Governance Lab Faculty Director Dr. Laura DeNardis, Professor at AU's School of Communication, was interviewed by NPR Marketplace to discuss Internet governance in A not-so-secret war for control of the internet on May 4, 2018.

Dr. DeNardis explains who decides how the Internet works, what can and cannot be done, and what standards are used, as well as what is meant by the term 'the global war for Internet governance,' which is the title of her 2015 book. She also discusses various kinds of cyber technology.

"The internet is no longer merely a communications system. It's something that is embedded into the physical world..." says Dr. DeNardis. "There is attention to using this to further intelligence gathering and to disrupt systems. So I think that we're at a moment of opportunity now, as the technologies develop, to get out ahead of it."

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Listen to the full interview on Marketplace Weekend.