Faculty Director Dr. Nanette Levinson Designs New Seminar on Global Governance and the Internet

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Internet Governance Lab Faculty Director Dr. Nanette S. Levinson, Associate Professor at American University’s School of International Service, is designing a new First Year Seminar entitled "Governing Globally: Internet, International Organization, Interests and Beyond." It will be offered in the Spring 2019 semester.

The Internet and emerging technologies shape the context for, and constitute one key focus for, governance issues locally and globally. No longer are nation states the only players in the policy spaces for global governance issues. International organizations, private sector organizations, and civil society are increasingly involved. Whether it is cybersecurity issues or digital divides, new research provides a lens on these complex policy spaces.

The three-credit SIS-106 seminar is designed to have undergraduate students produce a written, evidence-based policy brief related to Internet governance issues and conduct an oral briefing.