Dr. Aram Sinnreich Authors Daily Beast Article on Censorship and The Future of the Internet

Image Credit:  The Daily Beast

Image Credit:
The Daily Beast

Internet Governance Lab Faculty Fellow Dr. Aram Sinnreich, Associate Professor at AU's School of Communication, authored the piece entitled "What Spotify's Alarming R. Kelly Censorship Means for the Future of the Internet" on May 11, 2018.

Dr. Sinnreich discusses music streaming service Spotify's new "Hate Content & Hateful Conduct" policy, its immediate enforcement of the policy by removing R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from popular curated playlists, and the implications of these actions on the broader issues of Internet censorship.

Dr. Sinnreich argues that the issue is not as black and white as one would think. He breaks down the complexities of the issue and examines both sides, as well as looks at current social contexts and movements - including #MeToo - that may influence and impact the situation. "The problem is fundamental to the internet, and to its increasingly central and all-encompassing role in our cultures and societies," writes Dr. Sinnreich.

The full article is available on The Daily Beast.