NetGov Lab Doctoral Researcher Dr. Fernanda Rosa Successfully Defends Dissertation

Dr. Fernanda Rosa, doctoral researcher at the Internet Governance Lab and former PhD candidate at the American University School of Communication, successfully defended her dissertation titled Global Internet Interconnection Infrastructure: Materiality, Concealment, and Surveillance in Contemporary Communication.

Internet Governance and Communication Beyond Borders ICA Preconference

We are honored to be hosting and sponsoring this year’s internet governance ICA preconference: Internet Governance and Communication Beyond Borders, along with our co-sponsors ICA and the Global Internet Governance Academic Network (Giganet). Our conference will explore the most pressing and exciting issues in the field currently, drawing on expertise from leading global scholars.

Doctoral Researcher Erica Basu Presents on Privacy and Data Protection in India

NetGov Lab Doctoral Researcher, Erica Diya Basu, presented her work on privacy and data protection in India at the inaugural TriSchool PhD Research Conference hosted on Friday, February 22, by American University’s School of Communication, School of International Service, and the School of Public Affairs. 

Dr. Nanette Levinson Discusses the Role of "Policy Learning" in Internet Governance

How do we maximize our learning from these “fractal,” global, and multi-stakeholder discussions of internet governance? This was one of the questions at the center of the discussion led by IGL Faculty Director, Dr. Nanette Levinson, on Friday, February 12 as part of the IGL 2019 Speaker Series.